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About Us

interkidsy.com is an e-commerce platform that brings together the products of manufacturers in the baby and children's clothing industry under one roof, offering wholesalers and retailers around the world the opportunity to shop with quality control assurance and expert customer support.

We deliver attractive collections of baby and children's clothing manufacturers for ages 0-15 to our retail and wholesale customers all over the world through the interkidsy.com e-commerce platform and our showrooms, with quality control assurance and expert customer support. We improve ourselves every day and take our business one step further to provide high quality service to manufacturers and sellers in the baby and children's clothing industry.

We are a specialist wholesale company offering a wide range of high quality baby and children's clothing brands at affordable prices to retailers and online sellers. With our wide brand portfolio, we offer our business partners access to popular and in-demand products. Our products have been carefully selected for superior quality, durability and style. Focusing on customer satisfaction, we aim to provide on-time delivery and exceptional service.


HOW DOES interkidsy.com WORK?

Central Sales Point:

Aggregating millions of products on a single website not only offers retailers a broad range of products but also simplifies the shopping process. Customers can find products from different companies in one place and make purchases with a single transaction.

Shopping Convenience and Payment Variety: There is no minimum shopping limit for retailers purchasing from interkidsy.com from anywhere in the world. Customers can buy the desired quantity of products and use a variety of global payment methods during the payment process.

Price Advantage:

 Through exclusive agreements with manufacturers, interkidsy.com can purchase products at prices below the market. Consequently, it offers customers prices that a single retailer might not access, making the platform a preferred choice.


 interkidsy.com operates seamlessly integrated with companies' own systems. This integration allows real-time tracking of product information, stock statuses, and pricing from different companies, making it possible to showcase them on their website.

Technological Superiority:

 Being a platform that invests in high-level technology from integration systems to the website, interkidsy.com offers customers the most common technologies used in global e-commerce projects.

Multilingual Live Customer Service: 

 From pre-sales to order delivery, interkidsy.com provides live customer service in English, Spanish, Arabic, French, and German languages at every step.

 Quality Control:

 After creating an order, interkidsy.com assembles the products and subjects them to a rigorous quality control process before shipping. This minimizes return rates while ensuring high customer satisfaction.

Information Source for Import Processes:

interkidsy.com handles the import processes in the country of delivery for orders, provides information to customers according to their country if necessary, and ensures the fastest and most reliable delivery of products.

Creating a New Collection:

For retailers or wholesalers wanting to create their own collection, interkidsy.com guides them with its qualified team and supports them in the production or sourcing processes of products.

Rebranding Existing Collections:

By rebranding existing collections, interkidsy.com supports the presentation of products with the retailer's or wholesaler's own brand, providing special labeling.

Dropshipping Model for Wholesalers:

Working in collaboration with traditional or online wholesalers, interkidsy.com is a suitable platform for the dropshipping model. This simplifies wholesalers' operations and optimizes costs.

Finding and Directing Resources:

If a retailer or wholesaler wants to source a product not found on interkidsy.com, the team can guide the customer to the necessary source or procure the product on behalf of the customer and add it to their order.

I**** S****
I ordered items 2 times and it was very easy to order from the webbsite, the communication between me and the seller was super good. The service was also excellent, the items also arrived in time. Am very satisfied with everything. I recommend this company. Isa Sengor from Sweden ????
Β**** Β****
Best company i have ever cooperate! They mark the available quantities in every particular cloth set!very fast delivery and the communication with all the employees is great!all the time new models in such a good prices! More than five stars!!!!
P**** F****
I have had a very good experience buying at InterKidsy. Elif from the customer service team is very professional and friendly. The products are very well and carefully packaged. I was impressed that some of the brands are super-great quality. Unfortunately, two of the products had minor flaws, but Elif made up for it with a discount on my next purchase. I am very satisfied with the service. I will buy again!
M**** E****
I hope to continue buying from them for many more years. They have the most beautiful dresses in the world for girls! Interkidsy helped me realize my dream of having a girls' boutique on my island Puerto Rico located in the Caribbean. The merchandise arrived in a week from Turkey to the Caribbean!! Shipping was super fast. The payment method and transactions were super secure. The products are of high quality. My language is Spanish and they have been very patient with me in understanding my language and communicating in Spanish and English with me. I am very happy with Interkidsy!
D**** M****
Hello, I hold a big brand in Algeria, and to try I made a small purchase with Interkidsy. There was this really good and professional agent named Elif, she helped me with all details and the quality was topnotch. Easy to talk to and the order is cery easy to deliver. You guys should definitely work with them ????
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