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Importing from Turkey

Shipping from Turkey to Europe

Online retailers are increasing day by day and customers are trying to find not only fast delivery but also the cheapest delivery method. At this point, the most important thing is how much the extra fees and VAT will be added to the customer's shipping cost.

Whether you are an online retailer in the United Kingdom or a store owner in Romania, we follow all your steps from the beginning to the end of your order. We send your products with the world's leading cargo companies.


Shipping Fee from Turkey to Europe

Now, micro export between Turkey and EU member countries is very easy and cheap. Shipping costs are one of the most important factors for e-commerce businesses. If you are an online retailer or have a physical store, it is important to know how much it will cost you to ship a package from Turkey to the EU country.

We can say that there is no extra cost for  A.TR (Admission Temporaire Roulette). You do not pay any extra fee for your import transactions between Turkey and EU member countries based on the A.TR document. You can only pay VAT rates. You can see the details in the table below. VAT rates may vary by country. Please contact us info@interkidsy.com


The product arriving at the customs of the customer's country is the customer's responsibility. Customs procedures belong to the customer. The responsibility of the products that are not intentionally withdrawn from the customs does not  belong to our company.

With one of our cargo collaborations, we provide you with the most suitable transportation.

If you want to learn more about tariffs, extra fees and VAT rates, please send an e-mail to info@interkidsy.com

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