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Importing From Turkey

Shipping to Europe from Turkey

Whether you be an online retailer in the United Kingdom or owner of a brick&mortar store in Romania, we can deliver your products within 7 business days. We work and collaborate with any shipping providers that you would like to use. However, if you do not have any agreements with a shipping provider,  we have a wide network of shipping companies that will ease the shipping process for you. 

Once you order from interkidsy, our sales team contact you to discuss your preferred way of shipment which can be;

* an express delivery: Air transportation with shipping providers such as DHL, UPS, TNT, and FedEx. This option is the fastest among all (between 1-7 days). Our sales team will guide you about the expected shipping costs with express delivery.

* a standard delivery: We work with several shipping providers for road and maritime transportation. Standard delivery to Europe or Middle East by road is possible and takes around 3-14 days. Standard delivery time to ASPAC countries is between 4-8 weeks.


Shipping Costs to Europe from Turkey

When your products arrive at the customs of the country you are in, the cargo agency in the country you are in will contact you via the e-mail or phone number you have given us. When they contact, all you have to do is pay the customs operation costs of the products and make the order to release. The products will be delivered to your address on the same day or one day after they are released from customs. The ''commercial invoice'' we have prepared for you will be sufficient to release the products.

Depending on the country you are in, tax rates and customs operation fees vary according to the customs region where the products arrive. If you are in the EUROPEAN region of the Republic of Turkey, a country with a Free Trade Agreement and a bilateral agreement, you do not have to pay customs duty. However, the Customs operation fee is unfortunately valid for every country. customs operation fee is the fee for the transactions made at the customs, not tax or VAT.

In the table below, you can see the distribution of tax rates by country. If you want more information and details about Tariffs and VAT rates, please feel free to write us via live chat during our work hours, or drop us an e-mail via info@interkidsy.com.